We believe in exceptional quality & Style

Versaguna is a well known and leading company in Indonesia that provides the highest quality and beautifully designed furniture and accessories for Hotels & Restaurants around the world. Here at Versaguna (Restaurant Division) our products range from restaurant accessories (Menu holders, bill holders, trays, signage, tent card, lighting, and other accessories) to restaurant furniture (tables, chairs & sofas). 

Our products are produced with high quality and unique materials and designed for each specific client's needs which will reflect our client's concept, image, identity and experience. Our Creative teams and production teams are constantly and continuously come out with new ideas, new design and manufacturing method so that we can offer a totally new and unique experience. We are also very strong in chair design and chair manufacturing technique. We are very knowledgable about chair's structure, chair's ergonomic, and last but not least we know how to produce beautiful design chairs that will last long. Our chairs have gone through many step of testings (ergonomic study, weight tests and structural tests). In addition to accessories and furniture, we also can do restaurant interior contractor work. Please contact us for more information.

Thank you.